What Places to Visit in Berlin in One Day

What do you know about Berlin? Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Berlin Wall, sausages … You will not feel the real spirit of the city if you visit only these typical sights of Berlin.

If you decide to visit the capital of Germany, it is worth seeing the most famous sights of the city. You can walk the whole “typical” Berlin in 3-4 hours of a pleasant and tireless walk. The list of the most popular attractions that most tourists usually visit is (follow this order to visit them all):

Alexanderplatz is the former main square of East Berlin, which you can often see in spy movies. It is always full of tourists and homeless people, and can only be interesting in the Christmas market in December. Nevertheless, it is worth spending at least a couple of minutes in such an unusual place.

The Berlin Television Tower is a television tower built in the GDR to show the power of communism. This is still one of the symbols of Berlin, which is the second tallest building in Europe, only 0.5 meters lower than the television and radio tower in Riga. From its top, you can see the whole city for 14-20 euros (in Berlin there are cheaper places for this, for example, Potsdamer Platz).

The Red Town Hall, Nikolaikirche

The Red Town Hall, Nikolaikirche, and the surrounding district are the only old part of Berlin left over from the Second World War. Surprisingly, this place is less popular than most of Berlin’s other typical attractions.

Museum Island with the Berlin Cathedral – an island full of interesting museums with a beautiful and huge Berlin Cathedral. I visited most museums before I turned 18 when it was free for me (here’s one more tip).

Humboldt University

Humboldt University is one of the most famous and oldest universities in Berlin, which also impresses with its monumentality and size.

Unter den Linden is probably the most famous street in Berlin. Here you will find several embassies, shops of world-famous brands, souvenir shops and much more.

The street leads to the Brandenburg Gate – another famous symbol of Berlin with a quadriga on top.

The Reichstag

The Reichstag is surprisingly close to the famous gate. Its glass dome is available for visiting if you book your visit 2-3 weeks before. You will also receive a free audio guide that automatically changes its recordings depending on your position in the dome.

The next stop could be the Holocaust Museum with a memorial of nearly 3,000 concrete slabs representing Jews killed during Nazi Germany (millions were killed, not 3,000).

Potsdamer Platz is a modern business center in Berlin. All buildings here are new because they were built on the site of the Berlin Wall, which was destroyed in 1989. There are tall office buildings, two shopping centers, and a Sony entertainment center.

This was a list of the most typical Berlin attractions worth visiting. Despite a large number of points, the entire route will be only about 5-6 km long.

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