10 Indoor Water Activities For kids

Games, which are based on interaction with water, are useful for the emotional state of the baby, develop fine motor skills, tactile perception. Water – relaxes, relieves stress, gives a positive charge and opens the field for gaming experiments.

What you need for games

  • Various containers (basin, bowls, cups, molds, lids, cans, etc.)
  • Spoons, soup ladle, slotted spoon, funnel, small net, etc.
  • Rubber and plastic bath toys
  • Plastic and metal caps, wine corks
  • Figures of animals and people
  • Various little things: clothespins, mushrooms, balls, buttons, beans, cones, chestnuts, etc.
  • Watering can

The main thing is to prepare from the very beginning that water will drip and spill onto the floor, table and any other playing surface. Do not be angry with the baby for this and suggest that he wipe all the water at the end of the game. Lay a rubber mat on the playing ground and prepare some rags to wipe the water from time to time if the puddle is too big.


Throw any small objects into a bowl or basin. It can be plastic fish, glass balls, chestnuts, wooden cubes – all that comes to hand. Tell the baby that you are going to fish. Let him catch the “fish” with his hands, a spoon, a slotted spoon or a net, put the catch in a bucket and feed the toy cat. Don’t like fishing? No problem, let it be a hunt for pirate treasures that lie on the bottom of the ocean. Or maybe a clumsy hedgehog knocked over a basket of “berries” in the river? We will help to collect them.

Fishing waterplay


Put two bowls or two basins next to each other, highlight some clothes or washcloths for the baby. In one bowl, he will lather them, in another – rinse. After that, you can squeeze the clothes and hang it on a rope stretched between two chairs using clothespins. It perfectly develops fine motor skills and instills thriftiness.

Storm at sea

How about a real storm? Gather water in a basin, start sailing boats (ordinary wine corks and lids from cans are suitable for the role of the flotilla), and then show the baby how fun the ships moor ashore if you blow them into the water. The wind is strong, strong (we blow at full strength), and now it has died down (we stop blowing). Oh, one of the ships turned over during a storm. Let’s arrange a rescue operation and get it from the bottom!

Fairy sponge

Show your child how to transfer water from one container to another using a regular sponge. If he likes it, let him also try: dip a sponge in a bowl of water, then transfer to another bowl and squeeze so that the water collected by the sponge is poured there.


Rescuing operation

Half a half! Sad white cubs are sitting on a thin ice floe away from the coast and cannot get to their mother. Or did the rabbits remain on an island in the middle of a river that overflowed the banks? Arrange a rescue operation with the baby. Seat animals on different caps or on pieces of polystyrene foam, run into a basin full of water. Swim in the “boat” to the animals one by one, transfer them to an empty cover and land them ashore (on the floor).

What will drown?

Collect household items from different materials, different in weight and properties. Dipping them into the water, watch what pops up and what drowns. Tell the child why this is happening and invite him to continue the experiment with the remaining items. Just select them yourself and make it clear that you should not throw your daddy’s phone or grandmother’s glasses into the water.


To look at the waterfall, it is not necessary to go to the impenetrable jungle. It is enough to draw water into a bowl and knock it over the basin. The baby will be able to adjust the speed and height of the waterfall himself, turning the bowl over gradually or immediately, higher or lower above the basin.

Whipping foam

Pour water into a basin or a bowl and drip a little liquid soap (dishwashing detergent or baby shampoo). Give a child a whisk and show with what movements you can whip the lush soft foam into the pelvis.

Funny bubbles

Show the kid what fun and loud bubbles come out if you blow into a cocktail tube by dropping it into the water.

Balloons in the bathroom

Lightly inflate a dozen balloons and let the baby swim in the bathroom with them. Usually children really like to play with balloons in the water – squeeze them, catch, drown, blow on them, etc. And the balls are slippery, unsinkable, dodgy.

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