How to Choose The Perfect Sun Hat

We all try to take care of our health and that of our loved ones, therefore, to protect against ultraviolet rays, you need to choose the right hat. With the brightly shining hot summer sun, it is important to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Unfortunately, not all of us wear hats, caps, or sunscreens. Let’s look at how to choose a suitable hat or other headgear to hide your head from the effects of summer heat. What factors should be considered when choosing the perfect sunscreen headgear?

Perfect Sun Hat

The size of the fields

For maximum protection, make sure that the margins are larger than 3 inches. This is enough to prevent sunlight from entering your face or ears. Remember that the intensity of sunlight depends on a specific time of day. At noon, when the sun shines directly above your head, a hat with fields of 3 inches will be enough to protect from the rays of the sun.

Materials used in hat manufacture

When you are looking for a cap or hat, pay attention to the materials from which these wardrobe items are made. Most materials have a UV absorption function. If there is no marking on the hat about it, look through it at the light that will certainly pass through it. Some of the best materials used to make sun hats are natural straw and cotton. There are also synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, from which unusual hats are made. Such materials are best suited for maximum protection from sunlight.

The form of the fields

Of great importance is the shape of the fields. They should be able to reflect the rays of the sun from the face. Ultraviolet radiation can be reflected from different surfaces, for example, from dry sea sand or seafoam. Therefore, with the correct shape of the sun hat, it will delay ultraviolet radiation and prevent it from penetrating. It is better to choose a headdress from the sun of unusual shape in order to protect yourself from dangerous rays to the maximum.

The color of the sunhat

Most people only consider color when choosing a cap or hat. They think that it fitted the rest of the clothes, and was also fashionable and stylish. Color is important to consider but as a protection, not fashion. Because it is the color that helps determine whether the sun’s rays bounce off or penetrate through and influence the face.

Hats of white or light colors can reflect the heat from the sun. And dark colors, on the contrary, absorb heat and do not reflect from the face and eyes. That’s why it’s better to choose a hat with a white top and a darker color under the brim. Then the heat from the sun will be reflected from the face to the fullest.

Your activity

When buying a new hat or cap, consider your activities and lifestyle. Make sure you need a sun hat for what you do. For example, are you looking for a hat for travel? For sports? Or in order to relax on the beach and enjoy the sea, reading a book and swimming? Always choose a suitable wardrobe for the head for the specific activity in which you will participate. Make sure that you are fully protected from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Benefits of wearing sun hats

Benefits of wearing sun hats

There is such a myth that the repeated wearing of a cap or hat can lead to poor hair growth or hair loss. And the truth is that it all depends on the type of headgear that you wear. Since you choose too tight-fitting caps, they will reduce blood circulation, and this will lead to slower hair growth. A dense sun hat will also lead to oily roots and dry hair ends, which can ultimately cause hair loss. In addition, if the headgear rubs your hair all the time when you move, this can lead to brittle hair. In order to prevent all of it, choose caps and hats that will allow your hair to “breathe” enough. The benefits of wearing sun hats will affect your hair. Complete protection against sunlight, which can damage the scalp and hair, will prevent hair loss. And if you spend a lot of time on the beach, a wardrobe for your head will prevent sand and other impurities from getting into your hair. By the way, hats also protect against sunburn.

Natural sun protection

The sun’s rays contain UV radiation, which can cause skin diseases. Therefore, wearing sun hats and caps is the best way to prevent this during the hot season.

Prevention of sunburn

Such burns are very painful and it is better never to experience them. And to prevent them, always take a hat with you when you go outside in the summer.

We have examined how to choose the best sun hat, cap, or other headgear to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Be sure to purchase and wear these wardrobe items. Because it is from such seemingly trifles that the factors affecting our health are formed. It is worth remembering about clothes that protect from the sun. Since to completely prevent the negative impact of the rays of the headgear will not be enough.

Sun protection clothing

Tips for choosing sun protection clothing

The structure of the fabric

The denser the fabric structure, the better the sun protection. Since the fibers of tightly woven fabrics are closer to each other, fewer UV rays can penetrate the skin. Tightly woven natural fabrics, for example, linen and cotton, will help to cool more and not feel such intense heat as in synthetic clothes.


If the fabric is stretched, it will less protect from the sun. This is a common occurrence for knitted or stretch fabrics. Also, take care to choose the right clothing size, and if you wear stretch fabrics, then choose colors and styles that provide good UV protection to compensate for the stretch effect.


Multiple layers of fabric and clothing are an effective way to protect the body from the sun. Consider this when choosing what to wear before going out in the heat.


Many colors absorb ultraviolet radiation. Darker colors such as black, dark blue, and burgundy of the same type of fabric will absorb more UV radiation than light pastel colors (white, light blue, and light green).

Moisture wicking

The fabric provides less protection against ultraviolet exposure at its humidity. To reduce the effects of moisture, choose clothing that dries quickly. We talked about how to choose sun-protection hats and clothes. Follow the tips described in this article and be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

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