What To Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Get Married

If a man does not want to marry, this is a serious reason to think whether it makes sense to continue the relationship. Understanding this issue is quite difficult. Often a woman does not even want to analyze the situation, but it is still worth doing.

Why do men get married

Whoever says anything, if a man truly loves his girlfriend, he will in any case make her an offer. This means that he truly appreciates it and considers it the best and worthy. Before such an important decision, a man needs to think carefully, since the representatives of the strong half of humanity have a completely different nature. To marry means voluntarily abandoning other women by choosing one single.

Sometimes a man is prompted to marriage not by love, but by empathy, mutual sympathy, a banal fear of loneliness. This is not as bad as it seems. If you work on relationships, such families will be strong and happy.

It is bad if young people suddenly decide to marry by frivolity, under the pressure of circumstances, by calculation, or to take revenge on their ex. Often this is the road to nowhere.

In marriage, a man seeks a lot – love in all its manifestations, a pleasant pastime, admiration, support, care. Along with this, officially registered marriage imposes certain serious obligations and great responsibility. And many want to get away from this.

Why a man does not call to marriage

Psychologists unanimously argue that in most cases, if a guy does not want to marry, the girl is to blame. Often she needs to look at herself from the side. Sometimes a girl behaves too arrogant, demanding, offensive, categorical, sharp, strong, with character, can stand up for herself. At the same time, her boyfriend needs him to be a strong defender for her, and her to be weaker and more tender. It is clear that in this case, the guy will not rush to offer a hand and heart.

In the case of civil marriage, the woman’s fault is that she is content with such an unenviable position and does not value herself. Women in civil marriage believe that they are married. But men think the opposite and feel bachelors, not obligated to anything. They easily go on treason and most often disregard their roommate. The point here is not at all that a man is afraid of getting married – he simply uses a woman who does everything he needs: she cleans, cooks, heats the bed, and courts. Anyone who loves for real, will not hesitate to visit the registry office, as he will be afraid that his chosen one does not go to another.

However, such unions are quite strong, and people do nothing to change anything. To get out of such a vicious circle is very difficult. A woman feels offended, unworthy, underestimated, and a man is simply bored and sad, but it’s difficult for such people to take and disperse.

True, there is another rather prosaic reason – financial insolvency. This is especially clearly seen if the partner’s requests go far beyond the financial capabilities of a man. It is more profitable for him to spend time without making efforts to change the current situation.

The most common types of men who do not want to marry:

  • Frustrated. As a rule, they have a bitter experience behind them, and they do not want that to happen again. In such cases, you only need to wait, gently and smoothly pushing your partner to this step.
  • Inveterate revelers. Thrill seekers do not need family, marriage, or children. If you look closely, you can see that such people are ordinary narcissistic egoists who are not interested in the needs of those around them. For some reason, many women like these men because they seem successful and strong. But, unfortunately, changing such a person and making him an exemplary family man will not work.
  • Doubters. Such men constantly doubt everything. They constantly ask themselves questions: is it true the one girl meant for him by fate, or is there someone better waiting for him around? Sometimes they are afraid to take responsibility for the family, children. If these men do not leave, you can give them a little time. They just take this step too seriously to get married once and for all, check their chosen one by all parameters and filters.
    It often happens that in one person different types are mixed, and here it turns out a real puzzle, which is very difficult to understand.

What to do if a guy does not want a wedding


  • First of all, the girl needs to understand herself – for what and for what purpose she lives or maintains relations with this person, what attracts her to him, is there any fault of hers.
  • One of the effective tricks is light flirting on the side. You can not even demonstrate this, a loving man will guess about the presence of an opponent and begin to move and take some action. If this does not happen, then the creation of a family is not included in his plans. It’s better to just stay familiar.
  • You can try to clearly, consistently, and honestly explain to your man (in case of cohabitation) that there is a great desire to sign and live in an official marriage. If he refuses, leave immediately, at least for a short time, to see his reaction. If a man after this asked to return, do not rush. Let him first announce the date of the wedding, and then it will be possible to talk about the move. If the former is not going to fight for his girlfriend at all, he doesn’t deserve you so it is time to look for a decent man.

If the guy does not call for marriage, you do not need to put up with the situation or make rash decisions, it is important to control the situation and not let everything go by its own accord. But don’t hunt a man, such behavior will only push him away. He must make a decision on his own, therefore, a woman needs to show her wisdom and patience.

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