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The Detailers brush collection by Beautyblender

The long-awaited novelty of Beautyblender is a collection of brushes. Renowned American makeup artist Rea Ann Silva has combined skin care and makeup in one tool: three brushes from the collection are complemented by innovative metal massage rollers. The inspiration for their creation was the Chinese jade face rollers. All brushes are made from ethical materials without the use of animal products.

The Detailers brush collection by Beautyblender

The roller material is a special zamac alloy that always stays cool and does not require special cooling. It is also non-porous, so it is hygienic and easy to clean. Rollerball, rotating around its axis, glides smoothly over the skin. It will become a tool that you will definitely include in your daily self-care rituals.

New Yves Rocher products

Yves Rocher multifunctional restorative herbal balm

This season, Yves Rocher is launching two new products at once: a multifunctional restorative herbal balm for dry and damaged hair and a mini hair mask. Hair balm restores, nourishes, makes it easier to comb and makes your hair smooth and shiny without weighing it down.

Yves Rocher mini masks

Mini masks are presented in several types: for restoration, for color fastness, nutrition and scalp cleansing. Masks can be used simultaneously with each other and are very convenient to take with you on trips.

Dry Shampoo from Ecru

Dry Shampoo from Ecru

Ecru dry shampoo is your faithful assistant. The product helps to freshen up the hair, adds volume. Charcoal powder and aloe vera leaf juice soothe scalp and gently care for scalp health. Unlike other dry shampoos, which make hair look less dirty but more voluminous, Ecru Dry Shampoo instantly eliminates grease, dust, unpleasant odors, leaving hair clean and well-groomed. The product makes it possible to wash your hair less often, it is suitable for any type and color, since it does not leave a matte effect on the hair. A pleasant and persistent aroma will give you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness for a long time.

New Clean Beauty line of Beautanicals

Oriflame cares about its consumers and always takes into account their interests, therefore, inspired by the trend for pure beauty, it embodied it in its philosophy Beauty by Sweden. The result is Beautanicals, the true embodiment of the Swedish approach to beauty, with a focus on both people and nature. The rich heritage of Swedish pharmacy expertise is reflected in simple yet effective formulas based on the finest Swedish natural ingredients.

New Clean Beauty line of Beautanicals

Inspired by the purest waters of Scandinavia, Beautanicals contains a specially formulated combination of eight essential minerals as well as natural honeysuckle extract.

There are five products in the line: a revitalizing shampoo with a creamy texture that gently cleanses and nourishes the hair, while conditioner restores it and makes combing easier; shower product moisturizes and regenerates the skin; hand cream softens and gives gentle care, and the soap gently cleanses it.

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