List of the best beauty-gadgets for face care

I have collected innovative beauty gadgets for skincare and useful tools that will gain wide popularity in 2020. For those who want to take their self-skin care skill to the next level!

High technology does not stop making the world a better place, and everyday life easier. The same applies to modern beauty devices, which are increasingly transforming into a home routine for skin and hair care. Compact “smart” helpers improve every year, asking some changes even for traditional instruments.

Today it is no longer fashionable to popularize beauty injections, many celebrities prefer more affordable methods that do not change their appearance, do not block facial expressions, but simply tone the muscles, restore youth to the skin and harmonize natural features. And this cannot but rejoice. Beauty gadgets for self-care perfectly fit into this concept, which we will talk about later. In my review, there are 13 coolest devices that will please all lovers of self-care and innovation.

For Sculpting

It’s no secret that adjusting facial features without injections and plastic surgery is quite real. To do this, you need to regularly practice facebuilding and do anti-aging massage. But, besides frequent visits to cosmetologists, there is something else. We are talking about home massagers, with the help of which a sculpting and lymphatic drainage effect is achieved.

Such beauty gadgets help outline the cheekbones, sharpen the contour of the chin, draw the line of the lower jaw, raise eyebrows, tighten the cheeks and oval face, which often “floats” with age. They also contribute to a deeper penetration of substances from creams and serums into the cells, so that the skin benefits twice.

The most sought after Hollywood skin care experts release their versions of massage tools that mimic their skillful hands. Read further to learn more about some of them.

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

The miniature device in the shape of the letter “T” Gold Sculpting Bar is the invention of stellar makeup artist Gillian Dempsey. It instantly relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, and eliminates hot spots (by the way, this is Jennifer Aniston’s favorite beauty gadget).

Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller

Nurse Jamie Hexagonal Facial and Body Massager Beauty Roller contains 24 tourmaline massage stones. It instantly tones, stimulates the work of muscles, refreshes and tightens the skin, improves its appearance. It is based on rhythmic roller movements repeating the famous finger massage technique developed by brand creator Jamie Sherrill.

Joanna Czech Facial Massager

The famous Joanna Czech Facial Massager is a device with metal balls that creates a cryo effect and works out fabrics no worse than manual massage. Its creator is a cosmetologist-aesthetic with 30 years of experience Joanna Czech, whom stars of the first magnitude trust their skin.

For Cleansing and Massage

With these beauty gadgets for cleansing the skin, or rather their predecessors, you are probably familiar. They look very stylish, and promise to solve many skin problems. Using these devices, home-based facial cleansing is much more effective, because, in addition to removing impurities, they act as a spa massage, allowing you to gently massage your face and stimulate lymph flow, which helps to remove toxins and make the skin brighter, healthier and radiant.

Foreo LUNA Mini 3

The first gadget is the LUNA Mini 3 brush of the Swedish Foreo brand. The latest model takes into account the latest technological achievements, but the principle of operation has remained unchanged: soft pulsating movements, eight power levels, and delicate bristles made of antibacterial silicone, which allow you to effectively remove all unnecessary without aggressive cleaning. It takes just a minute to rid the skin of dirt and germs that cause inflammation.

Clarisonic Mia Prima Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Skincare Device

The second device also works as an integrated device. Clarisonic’s Mia Prima Facial Brush massages remove the remnants of the most durable makeup, improves pore visibility, and gently cleanses the skin six times better than hands. The result is more radiant, smooth, soft, and even skin. One mode, one button, and one minute for quick and easy cleansing.

For Rejuvenation

Popular in the salons microcurrent therapy for the face today can be used to prevent signs of aging, not only in beauty parlors, but also at home. Fashionable technology involves exposure to pulsed currents of low power, which positively affect lymph and blood circulation, which improves tissue nutrition and metabolism at the cellular level with all the attendant benefits for the skin.

These microcurrent massagers, adored by Hollywood stars and their cosmetologists, stimulate the facial muscles, make the skin more elastic, reduce swelling, and improve the texture and tone of the epidermis. For maximum benefit, you must first apply the gel to the heads of the device so that the rollers slide more easily on the skin.

To Minimize Pores

If you have long dreamed of getting rid of enlarged pores and uneven skin texture, consider the following two useful gadgets. They also help solve the problems of dryness, rashes and hyperpigmentation.

Dermaflash Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser

The innovative Dermaflash two-in-one ultrasound device, which first scans the skin, gently pulling sebaceous plugs and dirt from the pores, and then helps the serum and cream penetrate deeper into the skin.

Beautybio Glopro Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool

And Glopro is a cult high-performance microneedle facial scooter that promotes wound healing, stimulates cell metabolism and the natural production of collagen.

To Reduce Inflammation

Beauty brands also have a solution against skin irritations and redness: gadgets with a cooling effect. “Ice” therapy helps increase blood circulation and lymph flow, saturate the skin with oxygen, soothe sore muscles of the face, remove dark circles and swelling under the eyes, improve metabolic processes.

The favorites of famous cosmetologists and their stellar clients are the cult cryo-scooter Teresa Tarmi (cosmetologist Kate Moss) and the famous Aceology massager (favorite Tracy Ellis Ross). The first contains a ball of stainless steel, the second – of pyrex glass.

Both with the liquid inside, which must first be cooled in the refrigerator (not in the freezer!), and then massage the face. Devices relieve inflammation and swelling, smooth and refresh the skin, make facial contours more expressive – in a word, everything that ice cubes promise to do is only several times more effective.

To Eliminate Puffiness

Of course, this list will not be complete without the gouache scrapers loved by millions. Useful quartz gadgets for face and body massage, which has been practiced by Chinese healers since ancient times, have become super-trendy in recent years. Their advantage is that they help to quickly get rid of puffiness of the whole face.

The gouache method activates the lymphatic system, enhances blood flow to tissues, tones and improves skin color. With regular use, the face looks much less swollen and tired.

OI hope that my list of face care gadgets will help you shine this summer!

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