How to Makeup for Halloween

What should Halloween makeup be? Awesome and original! There is enough time before the holiday so that you can choose an interesting and vivid image. Our Halloween makeup guide will help you with that!

Halloween Makeup

Any holiday or party is a reason to try on an unusual make-up image. But if, for example, a New Year’s or wedding make-up still has its own unspoken rules, then Halloween makeup can be anything: eccentric, frightening, or completely insane. On the eve of All Saints Day, we all feel a little like children – and we should not suppress this feeling. Be bolder! And we will tell you how to get the maximum practical benefit from this mood.

How to make Halloween makeup for girls in home conditions?

When creating complex makeup for Halloween, girls often resort to professional makeup. But it is not at all necessary for the sake of one image to buy a dozen special pigments, which will then gather dust on the shelves. You can make original make-up for a girl for Halloween with ordinary makeup. Learn more about which ones you need in this section.

What 5 things do you need to create your Halloween makeup?

Mascara that will help create the effect of spider legs, long-lasting lipstick in blood red to simulate bruising and black liner that draws “dark” details are the tools that are sure to be found in any cosmetic bag. What else can be useful for Halloween themed make-up?

Eyeshadow palette of unusual shades

Eyeshadow palette of unusual shades

If you only use nude shadows and only on holidays allow yourself textures with shimmer, it’s time to reconsider your habits. A palette with bright pink, purple and yellow eyeshadows will not only come in handy for creating a noteworthy Halloween look but may also nudge you to make-up experiments in your everyday life. With its help, you can create, for example, fashionable eye makeup in red or pink tones. By the way, the smoky eyes palette is also useful for you – what is Halloween without black eye shadows?

Loose Glitter

Loose Glitter

It will be needed if you want to create not a scary, but a romantic image for Halloween. Why not become a forest nymph, a mermaid, or a fairytale fairy for one night? Adding a little glitter to your look is the easiest way to make your makeup look festive, so don’t put the jar away: New Year is just around the corner.


We do not get tired of singing odes to this magical make-up tool – and we will not stop until the makeup base lies in every cosmetic bag. Use face and eyelid primers to make your Halloween makeup scary with its authenticity, not just an hour after the party starts.

Bright eyeliner

Bright eyeliner

Dashingly raised “devilish” arrows, freckles like Pippi Longstocking – all this is painted with eyeliner, which is found in most beauty brands (take a look at the versions from the collections of YSL, NYX Professional Makeup, and Maybelline). And this tool will definitely not lie idle in a cosmetic bag when Halloween is over. In everyday life, you can draw fashionable bright eyeliner arrows with colored eyeliner.

Set of brushes and sponge

Still haven’t got a set of good makeup brushes? A Halloween party is a great excuse to do this important thing that you’ve been putting off for a long time. Explore our detailed beauty dossier on makeup brushes to create the perfect base for yourself.

5 tips for Halloween makeup

  • If you do cover your face with a thick layer of makeup or paint, you should “secure” some areas. Apply some petroleum jelly to your eyebrows and hair roots to keep them from staining.
  • Usually, we try our best to hide the “bruises” under the eyes, but for Halloween sometimes the opposite is required. To create dark circles around the eyes as good as Beetlejuice, use a flat brush to apply black/gray or dark purple eyeshadow mixed with reds to the area around the eyes, then blend with a sponge dipped in water.
  • Mix nude lipstick with purple eyeshadow and apply the resulting composition to lips for a very chapped look.
  • Making fake blood out of handy tools isn’t hard either: mix creamy burgundy lipstick with a little liquid black liner and clear lip gloss. This composition cannot be visually distinguished from real blood!
  • To simulate lost teeth, wipe the two front incisors with an alcohol-based cleaner, wipe dry with a paper towel, and apply a black waterproof gel liner. Let it dry thoroughly.

Halloween is exactly the day you can try on a creepy look and still look cute. Interesting images will add charm to the holiday, make it mystical and unforgettable.

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