How To Get Silver Gray Hair: A Complete Guide

Gray hair color is not a sign of old age! This is a trend, a tribute to fashion, style and a modern image for girls and women of any age. There are many variations to achieve an amazing, trendy color or to combine several colors. Find out more now!

Hair dyeing in gray color has become a popular trend among women of various ages in recent years. Stylists recommend dyeing hair exactly in gray color, because it allows you to change the style in a rather gentle way. Gray-haired, ashen, gray, ashen blond – each master can call this color in different ways.

But one thing we know for sure – a silver hue can radically change your image, both in an independent color and in tandem with various other colors – pink, purple, and even with a classic blond. You can use monochrome staining or change several strands in an uneven order. Young girls are happy to dye strands or all hair in gray color – after all, it is a trend among modern pop and cinema stars. An interesting shade noticeably attracts the attention of people around us, so we tried to understand the topic and provide you with the most important and interesting information. Well, and, of course, the photo is for inspiration!

Dyeing hair in a gray shade

Preparation for dyeing hair in a gray shade

Before you go to the master, you can use the following recommendations in order to avoid problems in the future and the coloring was as successful as possible.

  • It is not recommended to stain a few months before the procedure for turning into a gray fairy. You probably know that any coloring affects the hair. Therefore, a pause will enable them to grow and gain strength, and the previous paint – to rinse and make room for new pigments. For light platinum hair, it is necessary to perform bleaching in several shades – this will achieve an effective result. The procedure requires careful preparation – bleached and colored hair needs rest for 3 months from any chemical treatments, and blond hair can be dyed immediately.
  • Hair extension. As mentioned above, the hair needs a rest. Before lightening dark hair, the ends should be trimmed – otherwise, they may be damaged after the procedure.
  • The right choice of paint. Today there is a huge assortment of paints that allow you to perfectly dye your hair in gray color. First, you need to decide on the desired shade – some paints give the hair a light purple or gray shade and similar coloring agents stay on the hair for about 3 weeks. You can also choose tinted balms, which make it possible to try a new style and try on an image.
  • Acquisition of paint in advance. Silver paint has a high popularity. However, to obtain the desired color, paint should be purchased in advance. You can make a purchase through the online store. It should be remembered that the delivery of products takes a certain time. To receive the goods at a specific time, it is worth ordering products in advance of the dyeing procedure that is being performed. You will also need to purchase air conditioning, a set for clarification, and toner of purple hue.
  • Hair should be put in order 7 days before dyeing. Any coloring agent dries hair and leaches a natural amount of fat. To preserve the natural structure of the hair, moisturize the hair well. Air conditioning in this case will be the perfect assistant. You should always study the label on the purchased product. It is worth applying a tablespoon of conditioner to the hair along the entire length, soak for 30 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Hair should dry naturally. Almost all toners are safe for health. They cover only the surface of the hair and do not penetrate the skin.
Lighten hair for a gray, silver or ashy color

Lighten hair for a gray, silver or ashy color

  • Lightening procedure is performed on dirty hair. Why? Because when performing the clarification procedure, the hair is noticeably dried, as a result, it is damaged and broken. A clean scalp is sensitive to chemical procedures, which can lead to itching and irritation.
  • Mixing powder and emulsion. The clarification kit contains dry powder and hydrogen peroxide. The components should be mixed with a special brush. The package contains instructions for the proper mixing of the components.
  • Test run for a single strand. To bleach hair for the first time, you need to test on a separate strand of hair. You can take a small part of the strand located closer to the roots and rewind it with an elastic band. A clarifier is applied to the strand, and the test result is evaluated over 10 minutes. In addition, remember about the skin sensitivity test – information on how to conduct a sensitivity test is always in the paint instructions.
  • Use a clarifier. For uniform application, use a special brush. The process of lightening begins with the back of the head, the rest of the hair is lightened last. On thick hair, a clarifier is applied to each strand so as to work out all the hair as much as possible. After application, the hair can be combed with a plastic comb to evenly distribute the composition.
  • A manifestation of a clarifier. A preliminary test allows you to see to what extent the hair is lightened. A special hat is put on the head, and the hair is covered with a plastic film. You need to wait in accordance with the time specified in the instructions. The presence of minor skin itching is considered an essential norm.
  • Rinse. Rinse hair with clean, warm water. Avoid contact with eyes. It is better if the hair is washed off by another person, ideally, the head should be turned back to the washbasin. Hair should dry without a hairdryer.
Hair tinting in gray color

Hair tinting in gray color

  • Drawing petroleum jelly. After washing off the toner, the facial contours acquire a purple hue. To eliminate such discomfort, you should use petroleum jelly or a thick cream. The product is applied to the skin along the hairline.
  • Violet tinting. Usually, bleached hair becomes a pale yellow tint. The Violet toner effectively eliminates yellowness. The procedure should be performed with special gloves: the toner is applied to moistened hair with a brush. The procedure begins with toning the roots and ends with the tips, the hair should be evenly dyed along the entire length.
  • Fixing toner. Hair should be covered with plastic wrap, left for 20 minutes, and thoroughly rinsed with water, allowed to dry on their own.
  • Apply paint. Vaseline is applied repeatedly and with a brush, the hair is dyed gray. The procedure is performed in a similar manner. Remember to use gloves when applying paint. The paint is washed off thoroughly until clear water appears. When staining, it is not recommended to use shampoo, otherwise, the paint will be completely washed off. It is imperative to use air conditioning.

Recommendations for dyeing hair in gray color

  • When using any coloring agent, a sensitivity test is recommended. If you are allergic to certain substances, you should carefully study the instructions. A test for possible allergic reactions is best done in the back: the product on the skin should be left for 20 minutes, rinse this area of ​​the body, and check the condition of the skin. The appearance of itching, redness, or blisters indicates an allergy to this chemical product. Observe changes in the skin should be within 24 hours. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur later.
  • Do not use metal utensils when mixing chemical components. The interaction of the metal with a brightener or paint leads to rust in the tank.
  • It is worth using unnecessary clothes to perform the procedures, and a special wrap would be the perfect option in this case.
  • To preserve color, you need to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for colored hair.
  • Nutritional masks should be used regularly. You can buy them in specialized stores or do it yourself at home. The composition should contain proteins and plant components.
  • It is advisable to rinse the strands with apple cider vinegar, previously diluted with water – it retains the desired hair color for a long time. It is allowed to use tinting balms between the stains – they contain pigments that eliminate the yellow tint and protect the hair from the negative effects of the environment.
  • You should discard the regular use of hot appliances. They dry the strands as much as possible and lead them to a dull appearance.

Gray hair color is not a sign of old age! This is a trend, a tribute to fashion, style, and a modern image for girls and women of any age. There are many variations to achieve an amazing, trendy color or to combine several colors. Try, experiment, and learn in advance all the details so that the result will please you!

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