Best Places for Women to Get Tattoos

Tattooing is an effective way to express yourself. But in order for it to look advantageous, its size and shape must be in harmony with the lines of the body. Therefore, experts advise places for tattoos and their design to choose at the same time. We will figure out how to choose and in what place to put a picture that can tell the world about you better than fashionable clothes and stylish jewelry.

How to choose a tattoo

First of all, remember that the decision to apply a tattoo cannot be taken spontaneously. If you get tired of it, you can remove it only together with the area of ​​tattooed skin.

How to choose a tattoo

How to choose a picture

Do not stamp on the body the names of your lovers or idols. Feelings can weaken over time, and tastes can change. Pay attention to inscriptions and hieroglyphs. Any extra touch can completely distort their meaning. The more complex the tattoo, the larger it should be. A small and complex picture from afar looks like a dirty sloppy spot.

How to choose a place

All parts of the body have varying degrees of aesthetics and pain. On the hands and ribs, it is more painful than on the hips or abdomen. Tattoos on the buttocks look sexy, and on the face most often disgusting.

The pattern on the back and shoulders holds better than on the palms and neck. There are many such nuances, and the master tattoo artist should tell you about them. Before you begin, answer the questions:

  • Can I hide the tattoo if necessary?
  • Are you ready to endure pain?
  • How will the image change when moving?
  • Do others need to see your tattoo?
  • After the decision is made, apply a temporary tattoo. Walk with it for a couple of weeks and make sure you feel comfortable.
How to choose a place

Tattoos places for girls

It is important for each girl to make her body as beautiful and sexy as possible while respecting decency. Therefore, choose body parts for tattoos that are easy to hide under clothing or hair:

  • Hand is one of the most used places for tattoos. This is explained by the fact that any types of tattoos on different parts of the arm are equally convenient to demonstrate and hide.
  • The shoulder. At this point, circle-shaped images look best.
  • The wrist and the area between the fingers. Small inscriptions or narrow ornaments are stuffed here.
  • The upper part of the palm. Sacred symbols are applied here.
Tattoos places for girls

Of course, places for tattoos, suitable for girls, are not limited to hands. It can be:

  • Ankles and feet. Patterns on them should be distinguishable from the height of human growth. Otherwise, it will seem that you have skin problems.
  • The area behind the ear. An ideal place for simple small drawings in the form of bows and stars.
  • The back. There is plenty of room for large and complex tattoos.
  • Neck at the back and ribs. These areas are ideal for long and effective lettering.
  • Hip, navel, and buttocks. In combination with beautiful linen, the drawings and inscriptions in these places look super-sexy. If necessary, tattoos in the above places are easy to hide. But if you are not restrained by the dress code and are not confused by the gaze of others, you do not need to be limited only to them.

The main thing is to have a good taste and sense of proportion.

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