How to Save Money: 8 Simple Tips

During the crisis, we think about how to optimize our expenses and save on habitual expenses. Moreover, for many of us, the word “saving” itself means a rejection of joys and pleasant spending. We have put together 10 tips that will refute this myth and prove that anti-crisis savings are easy.

Use discounts and coupons

Nobody has canceled shopping, but it’s still worth changing the approach to shopping. Keep track of sales and special promotions in your favorite stores, try to buy some wardrobe items online – there are often interesting offers. Also, use coupon services – they offer discounts on affiliate products all year round, and not only on wardrobe items, but also entertainment, beauty salons, and fitness.

Spending Diary

Keep a spending diary

Healthy savings start with a special diary. It can be a notepad or an application in a gadget. The main thing is not to forget to contribute all your income and expenses, then in a month, you will be able to evaluate your budget and understand where your money is going. You will immediately understand what purchases were superfluous, how much you spend on food and utilities, how much you can save on vacation.

Use free apps

We never part with our gadgets – with their help we always stay in touch. Meanwhile, the tariffs for cellular communications, in fact, only increase in price. Save on communication – install a messenger on your phone, for example, WhatsApp. If you have free Internet, which is now almost everywhere, this method of communication is one of the most budgetary. And for communication abroad, use Skype – with its help you can not only chat with friends and partners but also make a video call.

Save on fuel

If you have a car, then programs like the American GasBuddy will be indispensable for you. It helps to find the cheapest gas stations near you, allowing you to save on gasoline, the regular purchase of which often creates a big gap in the budget. Now the original program works only in the USA and Canada, which is good to remember for those who are going to travel there. It is quite possible to find online analogs that will help maintain the family budget, saving on fuel for the car.

Choose alternative products

Food is an important item of our expenses. Surely saving on food is definitely not worth it – the health of you and your loved ones depends on the quality of the products. But many expensive delicacies can be replaced with more budget counterparts. Take a closer look at local products, read the composition on the packaging, and try to choose seasonal vegetables and fruits. This approach to grocery shopping will not only save you money but also help to diversify the menu with new dishes.

Get a special bank card

Plastic cards can help us save money – just install the cashback service on it. This function allows you to return part of the money spent back to the card due to the commission of the store and bonuses accumulated by the client. Some banks return up to 10% of the cost, on average, savings reach 5%. Take note!

Bad Habits

Forget bad habits

If you smoke, quit. The cost of a pack of cigarettes is only growing, and the harm to health is undeniable. By quitting smoking, you will save about $4000+ per year and you can spend them on something else. Also, try limiting your alcohol consumption – its cost is also high. A healthy lifestyle is in fashion!

Travel modern

You should refuse to leave only in absolutely critical situations. Moreover, saving on travel is now very simple. To search for tickets, use SkyScanner, services such as Cauchserfing, and Airbnb will help you with your accommodation, and for transfers, register with BlaBlaCar – it will allow you to find people who are ready for a small amount to drop you to the right place.

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