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As soon as I bought a new carpet, I immediately realized that it was time to learn several ways to remove stains from it, otherwise my little child and two dogs will definitely leave many different stains on it forever. We all parents know that spots throughout the apartment are just a matter of time. And when pets are added to the company of children, it is already completely impossible to avoid this.

Therefore, I thought it would be really right if I had several tricks in stock in case something was spilled on my new carpet. No matter what happens, I will be ready for this. During the study, I found several interesting options – how to remove stains from the carpet, which I would like to share right now. After all, I would like to quickly remove the stain and forget about it, and not resort to dry cleaning.

Spots from coffee and tea

Sometimes, when I put a cup of coffee or tea on the table, I immediately predict the possible situation that my dog’s huge tail will fly past this mug and drop it, especially when the dog is especially excited and active. And this is just one of the situations that threatens me with a terrible stain on the carpet.

So, whether you believe it or not, coffee and tea stains can easily be removed with beer! Put some beer on the stain and let it “infuse” for a couple of minutes, then pat it with a paper towel. If the first time it turned out to the end, repeat the process as much as necessary.

Spots from ink or paint

Spots from ink or paint

Yes, when you have a beautiful white or simply light carpet at home, you certainly will not want to see ugly ink stains on it left by a pen or something like that. Since my daughter is very fond of painting directly on the floor, I was especially interested in removing this type of stain. So there is also a sure remedy against such trouble! For this we need lemon juice and tartar. You need to mix these two ingredients and create something like a paste. After that, apply the mixture to a stain and leave there for about 5-10 minutes, then blot it with a damp cloth or sponge.

Spot fruit juice or red wine

Many simply swear that this method works with a bang, however, I have yet to test it. First you need to apply a little shaving cream on your hand, spread it evenly and gently apply it to the entire spot, without going beyond its borders. Leave it for about two minutes, and then remove with a sponge dipped in soda or plain water. If the stain does not come off, be sure to repeat it. This method should work for all cases, both for red wine, and for red juice or punch.

Chewing gum

A huge number of parents know what it is to deal with chewing gum stuck in the pile of the carpet. Agree, at least once, but it has happened, hasn’t it? Somewhere I heard that you can freeze the chewing gum, and the problem is solved, or try to process the place directly with ice. However, recently I learned another “recipe” on how to remove stains from a carpet. In pharmacies, an analgesic ointment called “Benguei” is sold, the chemical composition of which does an excellent job of tearing chewing gum from the surface of the carpet. Just put it on the carpet and warm it up with a hairdryer. After that, remove the chewing gum using a plastic bag.

Blood spots

Blood is one of the most difficult substances to remove, especially when it comes to carpets and ordinary fabrics. If nevertheless the trouble happened, and you need to remove blood from the carpet, try the next trick. Mix equal parts of cold water and a meat tenderizer. Put the resulting mixture on a stain and leave for half an hour. After that, with a damp sponge or rag, remove what happened. Many people say that this is literally a magic tool, so I think you definitely need to try it!

Pet stains and odors

For pet owners, this trick will be a clear salvation, especially when their pet makes an unpleasant puddle right on the carpet. It is recommended both for removing the stain itself and for odor. To do this, you will need three tablespoons of white vinegar, a few grams of liquid soap and a liter of warm water. Moisten a sponge or rag in the mixture and dab the stain with it. After a few minutes, wipe the place of contamination dry with a dry, clean cloth. There is no need to rinse the mixture.

Oil spots

Vile ugly greasy spots spoiled the nerves of any hostess. If this happened to you, then this trick is very useful. To do this, you need plastic lava soap. All that is needed is to moisten the place of contamination well and to lather it well with this product. After this, you need to very well rinse the place of purification. If you notice that the spot has become slightly lighter than the rest of the carpet, then rinse it again with plain clean water.

Of course, if you have some incredibly expensive exotic rug, for starters, you should carefully read what the manufacturer advises before plunging into the world of original advice. Or first, try one of the tricks in a small area to conduct an inconspicuous test.

Street dirt

If it so happened that someone went into the room shod and put traces of dirt – do not worry! You can handle them. To begin, let the mud dry, then scrub it off with a sponge or brush. Now you need to prepare a solution: 1 tsp is diluted in a liter of water, vinegar (wine), and 1 tsp detergents. With this solution, treat damaged areas of the carpet. When it dries, and the spots are visible – wash them again, but already to dry the carpets.

Spots from sauces

Spots from sauces

Well, what is the feast without stains of mayonnaise and ketchup on the floor? To remove greasy sauce from the carpet, you also need to mix some soft detergent and a little wine vinegar in a liter of water. Wash the stain with this solution. When it dries and remains still – repeat the procedure.


If your child grows up as an artist or just shows a strong desire to paint, you need to be prepared for the carpet to suffer. A ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen and marker can leave a small, but still very noticeable mark on it, especially if the carpet is light. You need alcohol to fix the situation. Put it on a light sponge or swab and gently blot the stain – not three! If the swab is stained, replace it immediately. Instead of alcohol, hairspray is also suitable, but they need to act very quickly.

And what do you know about spots and how to remove them? Share with us those that you have already tested and in which you are one hundred percent sure! We would be very interested to know what you use in emergency situations!

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