Differences Between Microblading, Permanent Makeup, and Powder Eyebrows

Modern women face has a difficult task: to create the perfect eyebrow makeup, you need to spend a lot of time and cosmetics. But, fortunately, today every woman has the opportunity to significantly reduce the time spent in front of the mirror by making microblading. It is a mega-popular permanent makeup procedure that has won the attention of women all over the world.


Today, among a number of eyebrow tattooing services, microblading has also appeared. Our permanent makeup studio immediately picked up the trend and is currently one of the leading ones who perform microblading and other PM techniques. Therefore, we have created a detailed article on how it differs from other permanent makeup techniques.

What makes microblading different from the classic eyebrow tattoo

At first glance, the difference between microblading and tattooing in its classic design is not noticeable. Indeed, the procedure execution algorithm is very similar. First, the master creates a sketch of the eyebrows, selects the pigment and its color, relieves pain, and then performs the procedure by injecting it under the skin. The result is the contoured shape of the eyebrows in the color and shape chosen by the girl. The healing and recovery process is also identical. During the recovery period, crusts appear, the color changes, it becomes lighter. After both types of tattooing, correction is required no later than 4-5 weeks after the first session.

But, having understood the specifics of both permanent makeup options, it becomes clear that microblading is a modern alternative to classic tattooing. And the differences between them are quite significant.

Pigment application technique

Pigment application

First of all, the procedures differ in the technique of applying pigment. Traditional tattooing is performed using a vibration machine and a needle, which penetrates the skin and introduces pigment. At the same time, it spreads under the skin in a chaotic manner and is fixed there vaguely, depending on the individual perception of the pigment by the body. By the way, if after a while you do not make a correction, then the pigment becomes lighter and can come out in an absolutely unexpected shade: from gray and blue to red, depending on the quality of the pigment.

Microblading is performed using a maniple – a special handle with replaceable microneedles that resemble a blade. Using the handpiece, the master manually makes small cuts in the form of hairs, which are filled with pigment. In this case, the pigment is filled in a certain shape and keeps it.

The difference in the technique of applying pigment dictates the difference in the effect. Eyebrow tattooing creates a uniform shape filled with dye. Microblading creates a more natural look. The master draws hairs in appearance identical to natural. The eyebrows themselves acquire a natural arch, have a sharper shape and edge. This way of performing permanent makeup will appeal to women who love a bright, expressive make-up.

It should be noted that the difference between tattooing and microblading is obvious when choosing the technique of the latter. Microblading can be performed in two techniques: European (mannequin) or Eastern. The European technique involves the creation of hairs in the same direction of “growth”, thickness and length. The eyebrow gets a perfectly even shape and gains clarity, which often looks very unnatural. This technique is used when it is necessary to only partially correct the brow arch or fill in a small bald spot in the eyebrow with hairs.

The oriental technique recreates the natural hairline of the eyebrow with hairs of different lengths, thicknesses, and directions. This work takes longer for the craftsman but assumes a more natural look for the eyebrows. Variations of microblading techniques allow you to choose the option most suitable for the type and appearance of the girl.

Type and depth of pigment injection

Eyebrow Tattooing

When performing permanent makeup, the pigment is injected only into the upper layers of the skin. That is why it does not migrate and is properly excreted by the body over time. In the case of tattooing, the pigment is injected much deeper. In this regard, the effect of tattooing lasts much longer – from 2-3 years. But at the same time, there is a risk that the effect will float, deform, and the color will change.

There is a significant difference in the colorant itself. Pigments for tattooing and permanent makeup have different compositions. For PM, they have a natural base, are made on minerals, algae. For the hair method, microblading, and tattooing, pigments with a more liquid texture are used. But for powdery eyebrows, on the contrary, with a thicker one. Color saturation and general appearance depend on it.

Duration of effect and healing process

The deeper the pigment is inserted, the longer and more painful the process of rehabilitation and restoration of the skin goes. After tattooing, which is considered the most traumatic method, dense crusts form after the release of ichor and fluid. Large swelling is formed, which can be accompanied by quite painful sensations. The healing process can take several weeks.
After microblading, as a less traumatic type of permanent makeup, crusts also appear. But they can only partially cover the skin. Basically, the healing process involves flaking. The swelling is minimal and disappears in 1-2 days. The recovery period takes no more than 5 days.

There is also a difference in the period of effect after tattooing and microblading. The effect of tattooing is the longest and can last more than 4 years due to the very deep injection of pigment. At the same time, over time, the pigment does not dissolve, but fades. You can remove the tattoo only with a laser or a special remover. Microblading suggests that the procedure should be repeated after 1.5 – 2 years. In this case, the pigment is gradually absorbed and becomes invisible.

What makes microblading different from powdery eyebrows

Powdery Eyebrows

Powder dusting (pixel, shots, nano dusting) eyebrows – know-how in the field of micro-pigmentation. The procedure is only gaining its popularity, but it is already being offered by studios and tattoo artists. As a type of permanent makeup, powdery eyebrows and microblading also have significant differences.

Differences in technique

The technique of powdery eyebrows is to use a special vibrating machine. With its help, the pigment is “sprayed” under the upper layers of the skin, without creating a continuous filling (as in the case with a tattoo) and a clear shape of the eyebrows. With the help of nano spraying, the effect of tinted eyebrows is obtained. The pigment is very smooth, like a soft and light eyebrow shadow.

Differences in effect

Microblading creates the effect of hair growth. This type of micro-pigmentation becomes optimal in cases where a woman’s eyebrows are very sparse or for some reason have stopped growing and fall out. In this case, microblading becomes an indispensable option if you want to recreate a more natural look of your brow arch by filling it with volume.

The powder eyebrow technique can be a good alternative and solve the problem, hiding hair loss, their absence. It will accentuate the eyebrows, creating a more expressive shape and color. In this case, the pigment is injected under your eyebrows, and the microblading technique involves painting them.

Everything is identical in terms of the healing process and timing. And when performing powdery eyebrows, and microblading, the pigment is injected only into the uppermost layers of the dermis.

Each girl chooses for herself – which is better: microblading or powdery eyebrows. These are fundamentally different micro-pigmentation techniques. However, most of the masters often combine them, making the eyebrows as natural looking as possible. Which type of tattoo to choose from these two depends on the thickness of the eyebrows, the type of face and appearance, and, of course, on the personal preferences of the woman. As a rule, in professional permanent makeup studios, the masters conduct a detailed consultation, choosing the best option.

What makes microblading different from the mixed technique of eyebrow tattooing

After the emergence of new techniques for performing micropigmentation of eyebrows, which have their own advantages and disadvantages, the masters went further. Today, lovely ladies are offered a mixed technique of eyebrow tattooing. Already from the name of the technique, it becomes clear that when performing it, several techniques are used at once.

Mixed media can also be called 3D and 6D. In fact, the difference is only in the thickness of the eyebrows and their saturation, created by the permanent makeup master. This technique includes microblading and powdery brows. In this case, microblading is often the basis of tattooing, and the method of shading the pigment between the hairs is chosen at its own discretion. Although the ratio of the two techniques is determined by the master and the client especially before the procedure and is based on many factors.

The difference between microblading and mixed technique is obvious. It lies in the effect. If, after microblading, gaps remain between the created eyebrow hairs, then the mixed technique, in order to create volume, overlaps these gaps. The result is a tinted eyebrow effect. This technique will be ideal for those who:

  • Wants to add volume to the eyebrows;
  • Wants to correct the shape, bend;
  • Hide imperfections by making your eyebrows look as natural as possible.

The mixed technique makes the brows more natural. If you go to a professional and do as you intended, even close to outsiders it will be difficult to understand that your eyebrows are just a micro-pigmentation effect. The mixed technique is very popular today.

Which is better to choose: microblading or other eyebrow tattooing techniques

The choice of a particular technique for permanent makeup is individual. It directly depends on the condition of the eyebrows: their thickness, shape, color, and personal preferences.

If your eyebrows are sparse, have gaps, or if you want to create a defined shape or tweak it, microblading is the best option. It can be used to fill in the gaps in the eyebrow area. At the same time, the fact that some hairs were created by means of permanent makeup will be almost invisible. If you want to get the effect of tinted eyebrows, a powdery tattoo is an excellent choice. With its help, it will be possible to get a smooth and soft color transition, highlighting the eyebrows. This is the best way to forget about too light or burnt eyebrows. A mixed technique will be an alternative for those who dream of getting defined and bright eyebrows, emphasizing their shape and highlighting in their image.

Eyebrow Makeup

What do all types of permanent eyebrow makeup have in common?

It doesn’t matter what type of permanent makeup you choose. One way or another, you will receive important advantages that all techniques have:

  • The fastness of color and clarity of form within 1-2 years;
  • Saving time on make-up and money on buying cosmetics;
  • Elimination of allergic reactions that can be caused by low-quality decorative cosmetics;
  • No age restrictions;
  • A complete and neat look in any situation.

Microblading and other tattooing techniques look glamorous and stylish. This is a fashionable trend in the beauty field, which women of all ages resort to. And it is not surprising, because permanent makeup is convenient, profitable, and, most importantly, very beautiful.

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