Lip makeup: what lipsticks and glosses to choose this summer

The summer season has begun, and brands again delight us with launches. In this material, you will find new lip products that you want to try.

Lip Gloss Shimmer gel gloss, Shiseido

Lip Gloss Shimmer gel gloss, Shiseido

Shimmer gel gloss has an innovative formula of ultra-bright shine and contains a unique complex Dua Gel Complex, which provides lips with maximum comfort and mirror gloss.

A weightless, very gentle gel contains Shea butter, which instantly moisturizes the skin of the lips and maintains hydration for 12 hours. Reflective mother of pearl and oils with a high refractive effect provides a crystalline, non-blurry coating.

Lipstick Modern Matte, Shiseido

Matte lipstick with a weightless formula and cream rich deep color with a stable coating.

Specially designed pointed, but at the same time, the rectangular tip of the shaft not only reflects the modern Japanese approach to the art of form but also provides absolute accuracy without the use of a pencil for lip contour.

Automatic pencil primer for lips Ink Duo, Shiseido

The multi-functional 2-in-1 product gives the lips a bright shade, prepares them for applying lipstick and extends the durability of the coating up to 8 hours.

The primer is easy to apply due to the texture of the balm and retains moisture in the skin. Prepares lips for makeup and creates a uniform foundation for lipstick. A resistant pencil is easy to apply, emphasizes, and corrects the shape of the lips, making them more expressive. An automatic rod allows you to create a clear outline and fill it with a translucent or bright shade. Lightweight comfortable texture. Saturated shades. Matte effect.

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